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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Selling Excess Inventory

Get answers on how to sell your Amazon FBA surplus inventory and wholesale overstock merchandise

Q: Who is “Selling Excess Inventory”?

A: Selling Excess Inventory is a leading inventory liquidator dealing with merchants like Amazon resellers, eBay merchants, and wholesale manufacturers.

Video of Danny DeVito Teaching Inventory Management 

Q: What is Excess Inventory?

A: Excess inventory is merchandise that are taking up space in your warehouse or in your store.  Excess Inventory is also known as overstock inventory, surplus inventory, and closeout inventory.

Q:  How can I liquidate inventory?

A:  There are many ways you can liquidate your surplus, excess inventory. Here are a few options.

  1. Sell your excess inventory online. There are multiple platforms available for you to recoup your investment.,, and now has platforms built that anyone can easily list their products on their website and sell them to the general public.  Each platform has its own fees and policies.  This option has become more competitive and less profitable in the past few years.  Also understand that with this option may take some time and selling online can be a full-time job. It’s not for everyone, but it will help recoup some of your funds over time.

  2. Donate the merchandise to charity.

  3. If it’s seasonal inventory, you could sit on your inventory and try to sell next year when they are relevant in the market again.  This can be a risky move, as the market could be flooded next year by the same “upgraded” product with added new features and benefits and even at a better price for consumers

  4. Sell your inventory to wholesale surplus Inventory buyers, a closeout buyer, or anyone that is willing to pay you upfront for your liquidation overstock.  This option will quickly allow you to recoup some of your initial investment with working cash in hand. It’ll also help clean out your warehouse to make room for new profitable products.

Q:  How can I sell my excess inventory fast?

A: If you are looking for a fast way to liquidate surplus inventory, you’re in the right place!  That’s what we do, and who we are.  We make the unpleasant process of getting rid of unsold merchandise as fast and easy and possible.  Want to know how to get rid of overstock inventory? If you want to free up capital and put money back in your business - Call us for a free and fair quote on your excess goods. (618) 248-3279

Q:  Why liquidate my Amazon FBA inventory?

A: When Amazon first came into the scene it was the wild-west and making money was easy for a lot of wholesalers.  But, times have changed.  The competition today for Amazons “Buy Box” is fierce.  The ad dollars it takes to stay on top are HUGE!  Couple that with the fact that once you do find a winner, Amazon themselves become a direct competitor.  And then what if it the inventory becomes stale and the FBA warehouse fees are rising?  Or maybe your item has become restricted by Amazon?  There are many reason why you might want to liquidate your surplus FBA Amazon merchandise all in one go.  If you find yourself in any of these positions, just reach out.  We will help you turn bad merchandise into good cash.  Call us at (618) 248-3279 or email a spreadsheet of the FBA goods you want to sell to and we can arrange to have it shipped directly to our warehouse.  Use can also use our free overstock inventory report sheet found here:  

Amazons explanation of inventory management (video).

Q: What kind of inventory do you buy?

A:  We buy most any wholesale overstock inventory that can be retailed.

We specialize in purchasing unsold Amazon FBA inventory, but all buy from many other sources as well.  Some of the Product Categories we buy include:

 toys, novelty, gifts, clothing, office supplies, school supplies, furniture, sporting goods, pet supplies, housewares, clothing, fashion accessories, jewelry,

hardware, health & beauty, 
household goods, home goods & décor, appliances, seasonal items, and general merchandise. 

Q:  Do you also sell wholesale overstock goods?

A:  Not directly.  But this company here's a great place to find overstock inventory to sell.   If you are looking to buy closeout inventory, check them out!

Q: Do I need to ship my inventory?

A: No. Selling Excess Inventory will arrange everything.  We can either have your goods shipped directly from an FBA warehouse (saving the need to ship twice or have you find somewhere to store the goods), or we can even send a truck directly to you.

Q: When will I be paid for my FBA Amazon unsold merchandise?

A: After we agree on a price, and you have created a removal order to our warehouse, just send us a screenshot showing the order and we will pay you 50% by either PayPal, check or any other method that works for you.  Then Once the inventory is all received, we will pay you the balance owed.

Q: What about non-FBA goods, when will I be paid?

A: We arrange to pick up your goods and pay 50% upfront and the balance when we pick up the merchandise from you.

Q: Why choose Selling Excess Inventory?

A: We have been providing trusted value to countless retailers and manufacturers for more than three decades.   Our experience and stellar reputation in the industry of wholesale liquidation in unparalleled.  We are honest and treat customers the same way we want to be treated.  We will always respect you, your business and your privacy.  We buy your: Buybacks, Overruns, Shelf Pulls, Packaging Changes, IRRS Changes, Misprints, Discontinued Items, Overstock Merchandise, Closeout Stock, Obsolete Inventory, Outdated Models, Last Seasons Inventory and Unsold FBA.

Q:  What is closeout merchandise?

A:  Closeout Merchandise is one in the same as excess inventory. For instance, take a product like a blender.  If the manufacturer decides to upgrade the product’s packaging, it may become a part of the closeout world.  Maybe the older packaging was looking dated and it was time to freshen it up to appeal to more customers. Or maybe a cancelled order caused the blender to become a closeout.  If a manufacturer makes products based on pre-orders and those fall through – This manufacturer either now has to find another customer or another solution.

Q: What is excess Inventory?

A: Excess stock is leftover inventory that is taking up space in your warehouse or factory. An example of excess stock can be – a business like ABC company goes out of business there’s stock left in their warehouses that can’t be returned or sold back to the manufacturer.  Those unsold goods are considered excess stock. Inventory that is sitting around without any way to distribute it.

Q: What is obsolete inventory?

A: Obsolete inventory is simply inventory that is no longer in demand or is outdated. An example of obsolete inventory would be if you as the manufacturer have a Toaster in your product line and after some time other similar products with better pricing or more added features and benefits come into the market – then your merchandise becomes obsolete in the supply chain world. Another example of obsolete inventory can be if your product is no longer relevant to the market.  VHS players, for example, are considered to be obsolete merchandise because the production of VHS tapes is no longer in production. Therefore, if you have a stock of VHS players, rather than calling it excess inventory, it would be more accurate to call this inventory obsolete.

excess inventory buyer.jpg

Need help selling overstock inventory? 

This image is just an example of some of the wholesale liquidation goods we buy

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