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We help turn bad inventory into good money

We are wholesale liquidators who will buy your surplus and obsolete inventory 


A little more about us…




Selling Excess Inventory is a surplus inventory buyer.  As a surplus inventory liquidation company, we buy bulk inventory of all types of all consumer products.  Our team has over 30 years of experience an excellent reputation as a wholesale overstock inventory buyer.  Located in the greater metropolitan Chicago area, we serve all of Chicagoland and nationwide as the go-to buyers of overstock inventory.


We’ve enjoyed top ratings as a leader and innovator in the liquidation industry. Our customers look to us for all of their needs relating to the liquidation of excess inventory. Over the years, manufacturers, distributors, Amazon resellers, and small businesses alike have all come to realize that we’re the best excess inventory buyers in the industry for their surplus and closeout needs.   



Selling Excess Inventory takes the hassles out of finding what to do with all of that extra inventory. Regardless of the size of your business, we’ve helped countless businesses liquidate their consumer products excess merchandise. 


If you have one pallet or multiple truckloads, we’re ready to buy your bulk closeout inventory. 


Simply send us a manifest of your excess closeout inventory in an excel format. The more information you can provide us – the sooner we can get back to you with an offer. 



Send us your Excel (with details like UPC Code, Quantity Available, Location, Brand, Color/size breakdown, Product Condition, Pictures...

) or use this free Google sheet for your convenience. 



Turn bad inventory - Into Good money


We buy the stuff that doesn’t sell so that you can get new stuff that does.


Once you receive an offer, and we agree to the terms of the transaction. We will send a truck to come pick up the goods from your location!


SELLING EXCESS INVENTORY is all about helping your business maximize profit by clearing out unwanted, underperforming, or surplus stock.




SELLING EXCESS INVENTORY is more than just our name and a “job” for us. We are proud and passionate about what we do and we care about the relationships we build.

Contact us today to sell your excess inventory!


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READY TO SELL?  CALL US AT (618) 248-3279

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